Students from Gladstone Secondary sent special messages to residents


Students from Gladstone Secondary sent special messages to residents

Students from Gladstone Secondary School sent special messages to seniors living at Nimi Nikkei Home during Valentine’s Day

Ms. Kikawa is the Japanese Language teacher at Gladstone Secondary School in Vancouver. As a class, her students put together a large poster with hand folded origami hearts and artwork that wished everyone at Nikkei Home a Happy Valentine’s Day. They also sent in heart-shaped cards with warm and caring messages for the seniors living at Nimi Nikkei Home.

The pandemic has been challenging for us all, but especially those who are most vulnerable. Now more than ever, seniors are battling isolation and loneliness. 

Their poster and messages were on display at the entrance of Nimi Nikkei Home where all residents could read their messages and be reminded that there are many out there who care and are thinking of them. We sincerely thank Ms. Kikawa’s students at Gladstone Secondary School for sending joy and kindness to our seniors and being part of our シニア宛に手紙を送る initiative!

We are continuing to collect letters, messages, postcards, and artwork to pass on to our residents, as they continue to live under pandemic restrictions. Click here to find out more about our シニア宛に手紙を送る initiative.


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