Update to Families

Dear Families of Nimi Nikkei Home:

We are encouraged to hear about the potential loosening of visitation restriction from Dr. Bonnie Henry heading into spring break. Also, BC has begun Phase 2 vaccination rollout and should have 400,000 people immunized by mid-April. However, COVID-19 and the new mutated variants are still very much a threat and in our communities. It is essential to remain cautiously optimistic and continue to follow our provincial and regional health directives to maintain the progress we have all made together.

To preserve resident and staff safety, the following changes are put in place effective immediately.

Resident Movements

  • We have begun small group activities (2-3 residents per group), and are at Phase 3 of the implementation. It consists of seven groups of three. It is ranging from physical activities, knitting club, flower arrangement Fridays etc.
  • At the beginning of 2021, we introduced a Care Conference (CC) representative from RA, LPN, Management, and Activities team. We understand how to improve the support of our resident’s needs. Furthermore, we will align our goals/objectives while continuing to communicate with the families. Nikkei Home’s benefit from the CC, is creating a more open dialogue, consistency and aligned communication across all staff. We also improved direct care for our residents.
  • A few minor updates to our screening forms – FHA has advised us not to record temperatures and keep recorded files longer than 30 days.
  • Update Outdoor Walks – As the weather is getting better, we encourage taking your loved ones out for an outdoor walk and enjoying the fresh air and sunny days. Please continue to contact Matsuo [email protected] (tel: 604-777-5000 ext 2007) or click on this link, and we encourage this form to be filled 24-48 hours in advance.

New Update to Vaccinations

Here is the latest data on our immunizations:

  • Staff 89% have received their second dose, 98% have done their first dose.
  • Residents 95% have received their second dose, 100% have received their first dose.
  • Essential Visitors 44% have received their second dose, 100% have received their first dose.

On March 1st, Provincial Health Authority announced the gap between doses had been extended from 42 days to 112 days. As a result, some of our staff now have to wait longer for their second dose, including Hi Genki staff and essential visitors.

New Update – Fraser Health Authority (FHA) Monthly Preventative Assessment

We just recently received our FHA audit for February, and our score was “low risk.” All aspects of the assessment were fully met. Observations around Covid fatigue, keeping up with the PPE and wearing goggles in the resident areas.

Reminder – Deliveries to Nikkei Home

We wanted to update the window for deliveries here as we do have screeners here during the key times. We thought it might be prudent to open the window for pick and drop-offs. Monday to Sunday 10-6 pm drop it off with the screener at the front door.

Thank you for your attention. We will keep you apprised as we hear more details from the Fraser Health Authority.

Nancy Mcintyre, Manager of Resident Services and Jay Haraga, Executive Director