Letter to Families of Nimi Nikkei Home


Letter to Families of Nimi Nikkei Home

Originally sent to families on February 24, 2021

Dear Families of Nimi Nikkei Home:

Thank you for looking after yourselves so well and for your ongoing support of all of us at Nimi Nikkei Home.

As you probably heard, Dr. Bonnie Henry and Minister Adrian Dix announced a new order effective at 10:00PM November 7, 2020. These changes have been extended indefinitely from Provincial Health as we continue to see the new variants pop out in our province. We have reviewed what general information is available. To maintain resident and staff safety, the following changes are put in place effective immediately.

RESIDENT MOVEMENTS – Clarification to Essential Visits Visitors in Long-Term Care and Seniors Assisted Living (bccdc.ca). Please speak with Tara to answer any of your questions or be on the essential visitor list.

  • We are excited to begin small group activities starting Feb 16th. We co-horted two groups of two key residents for this pilot. We are cautiously optimistic about this and would like to see a positive outcome that could help the residents’ mental and physical improvements.
  • We also started a Confidential Care Conference, made up of one rep: RA, LPN, Management, and Activities team. We hope to understand better and support our resident needs. Furthermore, we will align our goals and continue to communicate with the families.

    *A few minor updates to the FHA screening forms, we will reflect theResident, Family and Staff forms changes.
  • Update Outdoor Walks. Thank you to all family members that have supported our online prescreening form. As the weather is turning into Sunner days, the outdoor will become more frequent. Furthermore, I hope that this process is more convenient for families. Please continue to contact Matsuo [email protected] (tel: 604-777-5000 ext 2007). See link here, and we encourage this form to be filled 24 hours in advance.

NEW Update to Vaccinations

  • We are excited to announce our vaccination clinic for resident 2nd doses, which has been confirmed for February 25, 2021. The team is in preparation for the Clinic in the Kenko Wellness Lounge as we speak.
  • On side note, all Essential Visitors and all Staff are required to go through the online link and schedule their 2nd doses. Tara is communicating and working with the Essential Visitor list. Please reach out to her about this.
  • About 40% Staff have done their 2nd dose vaccination. 98% completed their 1st dose.

NEW Purdies Chocolate Easter Group Sale 25% off. If you are interested in participating in Easter chocolate purchases, please contact Yoko at [email protected]

NEW UPDATE Fraser Health Authority (FHA) Monthly Preventative Assessment. We just recently received our FHA audit for February, and our score was “low risk”. All aspects of the assessment were fully met. Key updates were around Covid fatigue, keeping up with the PPE, and wearing goggles in the resident areas.

Deliveries to Nikkei Home – We wanted to update the window for deliveries here. As we do have screeners, here during the key times. We thought it might be prudent to open the window for pick and drop-offs. Monday to Sunday 10-6pm drop it off with the screener at the front door.

NEW UPDATE – Accountant Linda Li’s retirement.

We are sad to announce that Linda Li, our Accountant here at Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society, is retiring from her position effective March 31, 2021. Moving forward, we are finding a replacement and will update the residents/families when the time comes. Please continue to reach out to Linda regarding any financial matters at [email protected].

Thank you for your attention. We will keep you apprised as we hear more details from the Fraser Health Authority.

Nancy Mcintyre, Manager of Resident Services and Jay Haraga, Executive Director


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