Heatwave Preparedness Plan

Heatwave Preparedness Plan

Dear Nikkei Home Residents/Families,

In response to the heat wave impacting our region, we have put several measures in place as part of our emergency Heat Wave preparedness plan, to ensure the health and safety of our residents.

As such, we are using heat mitigation strategies and accessing support and resources, which include securing relief staff and fan/air conditioning devices.

To protect our residents, we are proactively monitoring them for signs of heat-related conditions and mitigating their risk in the following ways:

  • Ensuring they are regularly hydrated;
  • Providing cooling rooms for residents, i.e. KWL, tea rooms
  • Using cooling clothes and fans/air conditioning devices;
  • Closing blinds and ensuring residents are wearing light-weight clothing.

To prevent heat exhaustion among our staff, staff mask and eye protection requirements may be temporarily relaxed given the extreme heat.

The risk of heat-related dangers to older adults at this time is more imminent than COVID-19 transmission. Thus, Nikkei Home is not experiencing an outbreak, we can relax certain COVID-19 restrictions at our site, such as grouping residents in cooling spaces and using fans/air conditioning devices. The relaxation of these restrictions is possible because of the protection residents/staff have received through widespread vaccination in long-term care and assisted living sites, and the decreased risk of COVID-19 transmission in our community.

Once the heat warning has ended, we will re-evaluate our recovery approach.

If you have any specific questions about your resident/tenant, please contact Team Leader on duty 604-777-5000 ext. 2001


Jay Haraga, Executive Director
Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society