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Nikkei Place Volunteer Appreciation Event

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Volunteers are the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes, often without expecting anything in return....

Marcia Carr: Nursing career, the pandemic’s effect on seniors, and more


Spotlight We recently caught up with Marcia Carr (nee Hirano), an accomplished healthcare professional of nur...

Meet Tomo


Volunteer Spotlight Meet Tomo L., a volunteer that enjoys lending a helping hand at Nimi Nikkei Home and at Nikk...

Meet Ayako


Volunteer Spotlight Meet Ayako I., one of our volunteers at Nimi Nikkei Home. She is 84 years old and hails orig...

Meet Seiko


Meet Seiko K., one of our volunteers at Nimi Nikkei Home, as well as a resident of our New Sakura-so seniors indepe...

Meet Eiji Yoshikawa, who is keeping up the good fight!


Volunteer Spotlight Eiji is 60 years young. He was born in Japan in Shikoku, and grew up in a Buddhist temple si...

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