Home isn’t just a place you live in. It’s whats all around your home. It’s a place where you feel safe. Someplace to look forward to coming back to everyday.

Services & Amenities

Our services include assisted living at Robert Nimi Nikkei Home, independent living at New Sakura-so, and community-based programs at the Kenko Wellness Lounge (located inside Nimi Nikkei Home). Our person-centered approach to health and wellness means Nimi Nikkei Home residents and the public can take advantage of many programs that adapt to the needs and abilities of its participants.

Nikkei Place Campus & Neighbourhood

Our residences are part of the Nikkei Place campus, offering our residents and community proximity to a museum, cultural centre, Japanese garden, and Japanese grocery store (Suzuya). Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre provides an enjoyable and accessible experience for everyone. There are regular exhibits about the Japanese Canadian and Japanese community, special events including festivals, performances, and craft fairs, as well as cultural and seniors programs.

We are also located in the wonderfully diverse Edmonds neighbourhood, centrally located to all types of food stores, pharmacies, restaurants and banks, and within walking distance to Highgate Village Shopping Centre.

The Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society is dedicated to providing supportive housing, care services, and community programs for seniors.
Assisted Living Care Services