Resident Services Update (July 7)


Resident Services Update (July 7)

Dear Families, Residents,

It has been a hot past couple of days and the weather forecast continues to see warm days in the forecast. Fraser Health recommends that people develop and practice a cooling plan, which includes the following steps:

  • Identify cool spaces and prepare to use them at night.
  • Make ice, ready jugs for water, and check that you have a working fan.
  • Have a plan to check in with family or friends who may be vulnerable or arrange for someone to check on you. Be prepared to leave your home if necessary due to the heat. This may include planning to stay with family or a friend or visiting a City Cooling Centre during the hottest part of the day.
  • Review signs of heat distress.

Secondly, I have been notified by colleagues that fraudulent phone calls are on the
rise again, most recently by criminals posing as your bank or financial institution,
with the goal of gaining access to your account. They appear to know information
about your account that should be confidential.
Any time you receive a phone call from an individual stating they are from your
bank, you are advised to:

  1. Take down the name of the person callling.
  2. Hang up
  3. Call your bank using the phone number on the back of your debit card, on you bank or credit card statement, or the number of your local branch. They will be able to verify if the call was legitimate and address any issue or concert that may have initiated the call.

If you think you have provided personal or financial information to a criminal,
contact the organization involved right away. If you have provided some of your
banking or credit card information, contact your bank or financial institution
immediately and they will advise you on what you should do. You can also contact
the local police department. It is also wise to contact your family or POA.
Criminals are experts at appearing legitimate. Your bank or financial institution
will be happy to have you call them back to ensure the safety of your
investments and the integrity of their system.

Best Regards,


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