Resident Services Update (Oct 28)


Resident Services Update (Oct 28)

Dear Families and Residents, 

Happy Halloween! As we approach Oct 31st, we will have a bit of fun around Nimi Nikkei Home with costumes and some treats for the residents. We had a successful Covid Booster/Flu Clinic on Oct 17th. I wanted to thank all the staff and residents for their patience, support and work that needed to be done to put this clinic on for 57 residents in one day. It’s a tremendous undertaking by the staff led by Tara and Yoko and with the Save on Foods Pharmacists that made the process smoother. 

Here is what’s happening around Nimi Nikkei Home 

  • Next Food Council Meeting set for Nov 15th, 2 pm in the Kenko Wellness Lounge- We are opening our Food Council Meeting for one family member to join us and provide their feedback and support. If you are interested, please email Gina Hall at [email protected] 
  • Community Dining Times – We would like to remind all residents to come to their assigned 1st or 2nd seating times on time. To help us focus on an improved person-centred dining experience and overall satisfaction with food quality and service, this request to come down on time would make a world of difference. Thank you for your support. 
  • Dining times: Breakfast is 7:45 am/CHANGE to 8:30 am, Lunch CHANGE to one sitting at 12 pm and Dinner remains the same at 4:30 pm/5:15 pm. Meal Service will start on time. We know this is an integral part of the day and see this as a growth opportunity. 
  • Fall Food Survey is going out to all residents and will remain anonymous; this will be the first survey since early 2021 and since we took over from Hi Genki 3 months ago. We encourage all residents to provide feedback to gain more perspective on Food Services. Matsuo Story from our Activities Team will be issuing and supporting the residents over the weekend. He can be reached at [email protected] for any questions. Deadline Sunday, Oct 30th at 12 pm. 
  • Hair Salon: We are announcing the increased prices for the hair salon. The last increase was in March 2018. Please click here to read about the Hair Salon increases. 
  • Change to Resident Sign-in and Out Process: beginning Nov 14th, we would like to go back to the pre-covid procedure of resident/resident families signing in and out in the binder that will be placed on the wooden table inside the entrance way. Returning residents may be screened upon return. 
  • Kitchen renovation update: This has been a long process that started at the end of July and continues. We know that this has been difficult for our residents to eat from plastic and disposable containers. The impact on the operations of not having access to our commercial dishwasher and workspaces is recognized, and I hope to have good news soon. 
  • New part-time Administrative Assistant: Shihori Scott-Moncrieff has accepted a temporary position to help with the Move in process at Nikkei Home and New Sakura So for setting up tours, appointments, meetings, and staff scheduling. She successfully led our 20th Anniversary of the Nikkei Home Project and has community service work at Tonari Gumi. Furthermore, she comes with a diploma in international relations from Canada International College, general studies at Capilano College, a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Sociology at Simon Fraser University, and Life coach diploma from Erickson College. She can be reached at [email protected] or leave a message with reception. 
  • Canada Post Mailbox service: we the easing of restrictions from Covid 19, Canada post is delivering the mail for resident back to the mailboxes. It will be responsibly of the families and residents to check regularly and pick up their mail. 

My final thoughts are that we appreciate the families, residents, staff, donors, and volunteers for their unwavering support and involvement with the care and guidance to making what is truly an amazing gift that has been bestowed to us. As the fall season is in full swing, we will continue to monitor for Covid and Flu through regular symptom checks and testing. 

Please stay safe and healthy. 




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