Resident Services Update (April 8)


Resident Services Update (April 8)

Dear residents and families: 

Spring is in full swing, and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom along Southoaks Crescent for the past two weeks. I hope everyone had time to enjoy a scenic walk along the street under the cherry blossom trees. Along with the change in season are many changes to Nikkei Home and the province of BC. The Consul General of Japan is once again hosting a number of our residents to Ohanami-kai Luncheon on April 12, 2022.

After 20 years, Hi Genki is leaving the Nimi Nikkei Home. This means that there will be changes. Nikkei Seniors is working closely with Hi Genki, and its team of people to ensure that the transition will be smooth. Hi Genki will be leaving this summer 2022.

Our priority is to make sure that residents are receiving delicious, nutritional meals, there will be a high standard set for safety and staff training, and that all residents can enjoy their meals knowing this will be set in place.

Over the next few months, through Jay Haraga, more updates and details will be provided to you.  We thank you for your understanding. 

Lastly, the province announced the launch of COVID-19 Spring Booster Clinics, and a change in public reporting of Covid cases to weekly. Dr. Bonnie Henry expects to see an increase in Covid cases throughout the province as the BA 2 Omicron variant continues to be the dominant strain. Let us all continue to work together, as we have been for the past two years, to prove Dr. Henry wrong and keep Covid-19 out of Nikkei Home.

Here are this week’s updates:

  • Dr. Bonnie Henry announced that COVID-19 booster vaccines will be offered to all long-term care residents and assisted living residents, 6 months after the date of their first booster. 
  • In preparation for Nikkei Home’s Spring booster clinic (2nd booster dose), please complete the attached consent forms. Please return the completed forms to the Care Team Office. 
  • Our one staff case of Covid-19 reported on update on March 29th, has recovered and returned to work. No further transmission came from that exposure. 
  • Spa Room renovation and new Spa tub project delays are in the final stages of completion. We expect the spa room to be completed by April 13th. We hope that you will be delighted by the enhancements in the spa room, which include in-floor heating, a towel warmer, a new spa tub, new lighting and tiles. We are incredibly grateful to all who supported and donated through our “Inspire Action” donation drive last spring. 
  • We will have a food committee meeting on April 13th at 2:00pm to answer and explain more about the transition with our Dietitian, Hi Genki Megan, Yoko Watase, and Jay Haraga. Everyone is welcome to attend. 
  • Resident Service Manager Hiromi continues to be away from the office, and Gina Hall has accepted to be our Part Time interim Manager of Resident Services. If you need to get ahold of her, she can be reached at [email protected], 604-777-5000 ext. 2004. 


  • Resident and family online survey: We value your opinion in our effort to improve our services to our residents and families. We would appreciate your help and support by filling in this survey to help guide us in the right direction. All surveys are anonymous and kept confidential. We will offer support to fill in the survey for residents who need assistance. 




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