Resident Services Update (July 21)


Resident Services Update (July 21)

 Dear Residents and Families, 

The summer has finally arrived, and we have seen some consistently great weather to enjoy our beautiful scenic terrain. Next week, the forecast calls for above 30 C temperatures for an extended duration. Our leadership team is closely looking at our heat wave protocols that could go into effect. What does this mean, and what are we doing? 

  • Ensure that resident A/C units and fans are operating. 
  • Ensure that all our common room A/C units operate at full capacity. 
  • De-hydration prevention supplies i.e. bottled water, popsicles, cooling clothes 
  • Hydration stations on each floor. 
  • Menu changes – alternative spicy, hot, oily fried foods to cooler options. 
  • Temperature checks twice a day throughout the building 
  • Cancellation of activities, active cooling rooms in the Kenko Lounge, Tea rooms 3 & 4 floor 
  • Monitoring of residents 
  • Ensuring heat registrars are turned off 

Secondly, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Robert Nimi Nikkei Home this Fall. With the support funding of the New Horizon Senior Program and Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society, we are hosting a special luncheon event on September 17th. We would love to invite all the family members, but space is limited, and we are prioritizing the residents/staff to celebrate this extraordinary occasion. This event is led by our project coordinator Shihori Scott-Moncrieff and the organizing committee (Ruth Coles, Cathy Makihara, Yoko Watase, Suni Arinobu, Gina Hall) and support from the seniors in our community. 

Invitations and RVSP for residents will be printed and handed out to each resident Monday, July 25th.

Thirdly, Tenant Surveys by Fraser Health Authority are open till August 30th. Both Residents and Families can fill in the survey. For question #2 – please choose A Fraser Health funded tenant:

Click on the link: Patient Experience | Response ( 

Lastly, with a heavy heart, I announce that Hi Genki’s last day is the following Monday, July 25th, and we acknowledge the courage and vision of Shig and Akemi Hirai to take a risk in opening Hi Genki at Nimi Nikkei Home. Additionally, we appreciate Jeff and Megan Matsuda for their tremendous sacrifice and dedication to operating Hi Genki restaurant for the past 20 years. As important, all the staff who have worked over the years to passionately delivered quality Japanese food for our residents, staff, families, and the community. 

Sincerely yours, 

Jay Haraga
Executive Director, Nikkei Seniors Health Care & Housing Society 

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