Kenko Wellness – Open Door Programs

Starting from September 2019, several Nimi Nikkei Home assisted living programs will be available to the community.  Openings are limited (up to 5 seniors) and therefore registration is required.  If you’re coming to visit Nikkei Place, why not spend a few hours in these fun programs?

There are program offerings on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday.  We hope to add additional programs on Thursday by 2020.

Program Description & Costs

Please click on this calendar link and those labelled in green are the ‘Open Door’ programs.

  • Monday: $10 for “Social Lunch” and “Breathing” ($6 for Lunch Only, $5 for Breathing Only $5)
  • Tuesday: $10 for “Chair Workout” and “Tea & Chat”
  • Tuesday: $10 for “Social Lunch” and “Chat & Fun” ($6 for Lunch Only, $4 for Chat & Fun Only (price set to increase to $5 in Jan 2020)
  • Tuesday: $5 for “Bingo” if the only program for day, but free if you have signed for the entire day
  • Saturday: $10-$20 price range for Women’s Boxing. Free for Nikkei Home volunteers of 1 year or more.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact srhousing@nikkeiplace.org  or call 604-777-5000.

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