Reflecting on This Year


Reflecting on This Year

Original article published in the December 2021 issue of the The Bulletin

By: Randy Kondo

The past year, 2021, was notable in Canada for an election called out of schedule.  The world finally got its Summer Olympics, delayed a year but carried off successfully in Tokyo.  The Lower Mainland experienced “heat domes” in the summer, something way out of the ordinary from our traditionally temperate summers.  Climate change is real!

And the pandemic continues.

We have been living with the pandemic, something that no one asked for, since early 2020.  If I have learned anything from it, it is to be grateful for what I have.  And to take fewer things for granted.

I am grateful that vaccines were developed early on and made available to us.

I am grateful that our daily lives in BC have seen less disruption than some other parts of the country and the world.

I am grateful that having “gaman” was part of my upbringing.

I am grateful for all our front line workers:  the people who work in retail and services (that covers a lot of ground!).

I am grateful for everyone who works in health care, all those who care for us and who have not had a chance to catch their breath in well over a year and a half.

In putting together this monthly contribution, I am grateful to the Bulletin/Geppo staff and especially to our volunteers who write the articles and those who translate into Japanese and proofread.

So with those expressions of gratitude, I wish you and yours a good holiday season:  a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  See you all in 2022!

An update on our NSHCHS “Inspire Action” fundraising campaign

The Arjo Parker Series tub has been delayed due to parts and manufacturing and it is now set to arrive in February 2022.  As a result, the room renovation is on hold until the arrival of the tub.  The eight Echo devices are still being tested.  And finally, the “Iki Iki” (Lively, Lively) and “Kui Do Raku” (Eat, Chat, Relax) programs are in the rebooted and testing phase for an immediate start, pending approval from the Fraser Health Authority.

As of this writing, the funds raised amount to $200,891, well beyond the goal of $100,000; many thanks to all those who donated (Visit our donor wall page here).

Anonymous (10)
Bob & Katsi Abe
Harjinder Bharaj
Mary Burke
Michael & Ruth Coles
Combined Painting (1985) Ltd.
Fujiko Egami
Exe Contracting Ltd.
Gastaldo Concrete Ltd.
Giant Octopus Restaurant
Bill & Noemi Gruenthal
Thomas Hara
Jay Haraga
Cydney Harling
Kelvin & Kay Higo
Shig & Akemi Hirai
George & Elaine Homma
Robert & Cathey Hoogerbrug
Dr. Akira & Hamako Horii
Naoto Horita Inc.
Toshie Hosonuma
ILF Investments Co., Ltd.

Gloria Joe
Paul & Diana Kariya
Soya Kayo
Sumi Kinoshita
Asako Kitamura-Redman
George Koyanagi
Yuki Kurozumi
Ellen Kurz
Julie Lee
Rupert Lee
W. B. Lee
Leon Judah Blackmore Foundation
Imogene Lim
Nora & Ronald MacArthur
Cathy Makihara
Dr. Patrick & Diane Miki
Sue Miyanishi
Masashi & Reiko Moizumi
Edward & Jenny Nakamoto
John & Marion Nakamoto
James & Sally Nasu
Roberta H. Nasu
Jane Nimi
Donald Thomas Nishio

Michiyo Noma
Colby Payne
PIMCO Canada Corp.
Gemma Shimizu
Ken & Junko Shinozaki
Margaret Shinozaki
Leigh Ann Shoji-Lee
Sandra Song
Philip Storey & Emily Yakashiro
Kumi Sutcliffe
Mike Takahashi
Jenny Uechi
Ruichi & Sayo Wakita
Ryoko Ward
Keith Westover
Fred & Linda Yada
Keiko Yakumo
Sam Yamamoto
Yasuhiko Yamamoto
Kenichiro Yamanaka
Layne Yoshimaru
Robert Yoshimaru

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