New Year Osechi – Thank You Thursday


New Year Osechi – Thank You Thursday

On this special #ThankYouThursday, our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the incredible team at Nikkei Home – directors, activities staff, volunteers and kitchen staff! Your dedication and hard work in preparing the Osechi New Year’s dishes for Nikkei Home and New Sakura-so residents have not gone unnoticed.

Your dedication to preserve tradition and enthusiasm in preparing the feast added a special touch to the festivities, making the New Year’s celebrations memorable for everyone that received this special gift. 

Your collective efforts have not only filled the seniors’ residences with the aroma of delicious dishes but have also filled our hearts with gratitude.

Thank you for making the New Year celebrations at Nikkei Home and New Sakura-so truly special!

🍱✨#NewYearJoy #Gratitude


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