Resident Services Update (Nov 17)


Resident Services Update (Nov 17)

Important Notice: Power Outages and Emergency Procedures

Dear Residents and Family Members of Nimi Nikkei Home,

In light of recent weather events and the potential for power outages, we want to ensure that all residents are well-informed about our emergency procedures. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities, and we appreciate your cooperation in following the guidelines outlined below: 

Power Outages:  

  1. Notification: In a power outage, we will make every effort to inform residents promptly. Please be careful of your surroundings, avoid falling, and pay attention to announcements via our staff or other communication channels. 
  2. Emergency Lighting: Our facility is equipped with emergency lighting systems to comply with the fire code and annual inspections. Also, we installed over 25 enhanced emergency lighting packs, which last up to 24-30 hours to provide illumination during power outages. Familiarize yourself with the location of emergency exit signs and paths.  
  3. Reporting Issues: If you experience any issues related to the power outage, such as malfunctioning emergency lighting or electrical problems in your room, please report them immediately to any staff on duty.  

Emergency Procedures: 

  1. Stay Calm: In the event of a power outage or any emergency, remain calm, stay in your suite, and wait for a staff member to give you directions and support. Our staff are trained to handle such situations, and your cooperation is essential for a swift and orderly response. 
  2. Communication: Keep communication devices charged (i.e. Cell Phones, Ipads, Tablets, etc) and have a flashlight or battery-powered lantern readily available in an easily accessible place.
  3. Evacuation Procedures: Staff will give directions, follow the designated evacuation routes and gather at the specified assembly refuse points if necessary. Do not use elevators during an evacuation.
  4. Emergency Kits: Consider preparing a small emergency kit with essentials such as a flashlight, extra batteries, a blanket, charging packs, and any necessary medications.
  5. Information Updates: Stay informed about the situation by listening to announcements or consulting with staff members. Regular updates will be provided to keep you and your family members informed.

We have consulted many professionals about a Power Generator option for the building and, at this time, found that it is not feasible due to electrical complexities, open space for exhaust/fumes, and load restrictions on our roof.

Your cooperation and adherence to these procedures are crucial for maintaining a safe living environment for everyone. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Team Leader on Duty or Management.

Best regards,

Jay Haraga/Marlene Davidson
Executive Director/Resident Service Manager


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