Resident Services Update (Nov 9th)


Resident Services Update (Nov 9th)


As Remembrance Day approaches, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge and remember the sacrifices made by our veterans and members of the armed forces. Remembrance Day, observed on Nov 11, is a day to pay our respects to those who have served our country. In recognition of this important day, we have scheduled a day off for our administrative office on Monday, Nov 13, which will serve as a statutory holiday in lieu of Remembrance Day. 

Office Closure Details: 

  • Date: Monday, Nov 13, 2023 
  • Reason: Statutory holiday in lieu of Remembrance Day 
  • Impact: The administrative office will be closed, and standard office  operations will resume on Tuesday, Nov 14, 2023 

While the administrative office will be closed on Nov 13, we understand that essential employees (Care Team/Food Service/Housekeeping) still need to work on that day due to the nature of their roles. Activities will be cancelled on Saturday, Nov 11 and Monday, Nov 13. In such cases, we encourage  residents to communicate with department leaders for any questions. 

On Nov 11, we encourage everyone to take a moment to remember and reflect on the significance of Remembrance Day. It is a time to honor our veterans’ and current military personnel’s courage, dedication, and sacrifices.

Other Information about Nimi Nikkei Home:

We are planning our Annual Christmas Party event on Dec 4 for our Residents at Nimi Nikkei Home and Tenants of New Sakura so. We are looking for volunteers to help support and join us for a family-style meal  service and get residents to the Nikkei Centre Hayashi Hall, where the venue is being held. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact Yoko Watase at [email protected] or 604-777-5000 ext. 2007. 

Lastly, we are participating in our annual drive for Purdy Chocolate sales at a discount of 25%. Please enter online at “join a group” customer code # 58/20 before Nov 14 or contact Yoko Watase at [email protected] or 604-777-5000 ext. 2007 for more information about manual orders. 

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Management team. 

Thank you for your attention, and we wish you a meaningful Remembrance Day. 


Jay Haraga/Marlene Davidson 

Executive Director/Manager Resident Services 

Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society


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