Nikkei Seniors Attends Powell Street Festival


Nikkei Seniors Attends Powell Street Festival

On Sunday August 6th Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society was invited to the Powell Street Festival to perform Radio Taiso on the Main Stage, which was a nostalgic affair for many of our residents. Oppenheimer Park, the festival’s main venue, is in the heart of a historic Japanese neighborhood that many of our seniors reminisced about playing baseball for the Nissei and Asahi Japanese Canadian baseball teams in. The seniors would get to perform in the park again in a wonderful rendition of our very own “Nikkei Radio Taiso” routine. However, Nikkei Seniors didn’t just perform, we also got to watch some wonderful routines from the “Southern Wave Okinawan Music and Dance Society” while eating lunches provided by the Vancouver Buddhist Temple and arranged by the Powell Street Festival. The residents, staff, and volunteers had a wonderful time at the Powell Street Festival, and we are grateful to the Powell Street Festival for accommodating us and putting on such an amazing event! 


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