Heat Warning – Resident Services Update (July 25)


Heat Warning – Resident Services Update (July 25)


I have a quick update for you regarding the current heat warning.

As you may know, Environment Canada has issued a Heat Warning for many parts of BC, including lower mainland.  Daytime temperatures are anticipated to reach between 31-35 degrees Celsius with early morning low temperatures between 15-18 degrees.  The Heat Warning is believed to be in affect starting today until Saturday this week.  Seniors are at a higher risk of heat related illness & we are working hard to keep your loved one as cool as possible during this wave.

  • We have water stations throughout the floor for residents to help keep them cool 
  • Cool snacks such as watermelon, ice cream and popsicles are available throughout the day
  • Most of our common areas are Air conditioned, and we will be encouraging our residents to stay in these places throughout the day.
  • We are completing multi day temperature checks in different common areas and resident rooms to ensure no one is sitting in an area that is too hot.  
  • Resident will be moved to “cooling rooms” based on our temperature checks
  • We have Cooling Blankets available for our residents with mobility challenges 
  • Residents are encouraged to dress in light weight/breathable clothing 
  • We will ensure your loved one gets plenty of fluids.  Staying hydrated is incredibly important to limiting heat related illness 
  • Mild Activities will be done in the cooling rooms throughout the day.
  • All residents have gone through a heat assessment and higher risk residents have been identified.

We are here to support your loved one the best we can.  If you are at the site visiting, and you see a resident needing support, please let a member of the team know right away.  




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