Meet Tomo

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Tomo L., a volunteer that enjoys lending a helping hand at Nimi Nikkei Home and at Nikkei Centre for their annual Mochitsuki event. She is the youngest of four siblings, and grew up in Japan in Nishinomiya city (Hyogo prefecture).

Tomo is 74 years old, and married with two children and two grandchildren. Her favourite foods are sushi and sukiyaki, and her favourite hobbies include playing piano and ukulele, travelling, and eating. 

Tomo got involved with Nikkei Place because she enjoys interacting and getting to know the seniors at Nimi Nikkei Home. It’s what she enjoys the most about volunteering.

“By interacting with seniors, we often learn new things. Seniors are a mirror of my future and teach us so much.”

“Families usually get tired of listening to the same thing repeatedly from their loved ones. Volunteers can listen as though it is the first time to hear, no matter how many times they have listened to the story.”


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