Meet Ayako

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Ayako I., one of our volunteers at Nimi Nikkei Home. She is 84 years old and hails originally from Tokyo. She has one son and two grandchildren. Her favourite food is sandwiches, and her favourite sport is sumo. As a hobby, she enjoys Japanese dancing (Shakou dance).

Ayako got involved with Nikkei Place after retiring at age 65. She was looking for something fulfilling to do for seniors, and came across volunteering at Nimi Nikkei Home. Her contributions include helping with Zoom chats, TV exercise, handicraft, and talking with seniors in their suites (prior to the pandemic). Her favourite part about volunteering with seniors is chatting with them, talking, and learning about Japanese history.

Ayako finds that caring about seniors and volunteering with Nikkei Place serves as an important way to contribute to society,  as well as helps to maintain her own health. She enjoys getting along with the residents, and making connections as friends.


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