Meet Seiko

Meet Seiko K., one of our volunteers at Nimi Nikkei Home, as well as a resident of our New Sakura-so seniors independent living residence. She was born in Hokkaido, and is one of four siblings. 

She is 82 years old, and enjoys cooking and eating. Her favourite type of cuisine is Japanese food. 

She volunteers because she likes helping others, and has been learning much about what she should do in the future as she ages. 

“When visiting, I am always happy to encourage seniors to smile or speak, especially seniors who are usually quiet. It’s always great to see seniors express their emotions. It made me happy.”

Seiko enjoys socializing with other seniors at Nimi Nikkei Home, chatting, cooking, knitting, playing bingo, and since the pandemic started, using zoom.

“Connecting with people is very important for residents and me. I get to talk and learn new things with each visit.”

What is the best part about volunteering with Nimi Nikkei Home? She says that “Volunteering helps me learn about the importance of helping others in their life. It makes me a better person.”


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