Advice for Caregivers & Families


Advice for Caregivers & Families

At Nikkei Home, we are proactive in our approach to meeting the needs of seniors, adapting as the situation evolves to ensure residents are maintaining their physical and mental well-being.

We recently read UBC’s issue of Pathways focused on the COVID-19 pandemic and how it relates to seniors — the need for connecting with compassion and care especially during this time. Its a great resource of information, including advice for caregivers and families, and it reflects many of the things we are doing currently at Nimi Nikkei Home.


  • We are encouraging family to phone, write letters, send photos, or kids drawings
  • We launched the Send Letters to Seniors community initiative
  • We are scheduling Virtual Family Meetings and Virtual Buddy Meetings
  • We are doing 1 on 1 exercise, and encouraging residents to walk around the building, and enjoy the patio.

We invite you to give this issue of Pathways a read!


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