Letter to Families: Update on COVID-19 Prevention at Nimi Nikkei Home


Letter to Families: Update on COVID-19 Prevention at Nimi Nikkei Home

Dear Families of Nimi Nikkei Home,

Our Home is currently in a Prevention Phase to promote infection control for COVID-19 and we have expanded infection control steps since the week of March 30, 2020.  Please consider this a continuation of last week’s update. 

If there has been a change it will be indicated as NEW.
*FHA=Fraser Health Authority

The situation with the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to evolve rapidly. Our top priority at Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society is the health and safety of our community. Please note the following changes we are making in response to the rising concern of the coronavirus.

NEW – Video Conferences to begin – Wed, Fri and Sat afternoons – between 1:30pm-3:30pm by appointment.  Please email [email protected]

NEW – Virtual Concerts – as available concerts and performances will be presented in the dining room during breakfast.

NEW – Exercise in the Hallway – We will be trying out exercise with Hiromi from the doorway.  We can maintain the 2m of separation and do a little bit of exercise.

FRONT ENTRANCE ONLY – remains the only entrance to Nimi Nikkei Home.

ESSENTIAL VISIT – Only essential visits to residents are permitted. Essential visits are for those who are critically ill by a medical health practitioner. No children, one adult only.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE) – As of March 31st all staff including Hi Genki food services have been required to wear masks and eye protection for the safety of residents.

COVID 19 SCREENING & SYMPTOMS – Residents are being screened daily.  If a resident presents with new symptom(s) we will request them to remain in their rooms for 14 days after symptoms resolve.

GOING OUTSIDE – Residents are discouraged from going out.  If required to go out for a medical appointment – on returning the residents will be screened.  The Order from FHA’s Medical Health Officer for returns from Temporary Absences will apply (see March 30th Update)

MEALS – Residents are continuing have their meals in the dining room and meet the requirements set out by FHA.  During meals when available the Activities Team will be presenting virtual concerts. We hope to have these concerts at breakfast time.

NIKKEI HOME GROCERY STORE – Some supplies are available through our in-house store.  Because it’s hard to get cash – residents can pay by cheque. 

ACTIVITIES – Nimi Nikkei Home is delivering to residents a daily news sheet with activities.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We may call upon you in the future for further assistance.

Cathy Makihara, Executive Director

Tel: 604-777-5000 (x 2003)
Fax: 604-777-5050


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