Apr 1 / Daily Activity News


Apr 1 / Daily Activity News

Keeping Seniors Active!

While the activities at Nikkei Home and New Sakura-so are temporarily closed, our activity team of Yoko, Suman, Hiromi and Matsuo have been busy finding ways in this time of no programs and social distancing. 

In our early planning stage, we made as one of our goals to prepare a daily news piece for seniors  for when they were to be confined to Nimi Nikkei Home. We are posting today one of our daily news!  We’ll try to post these regularly as you might be able to forward these to other people you may know that want to stay connected and do an activity at home. Coming up soon is a bingo which again there will be prizes for the residents and tenants. While we cannot include the public into our contests – we hope that you will enjoy these activities.

If you have ideas for ways our residents and tenants can keep busy – we welcome them.  Not many of the residents have technology like the iPads or tablets so a little old fashioned is good for us.

Submit your ideas to [email protected]

Many thanks to all of who have taken part in the idea generations, prize donations, and your enthusiastic support and encouragement.  And to all of our residents, families, staff and volunteers – please take care.  Stay Home and Stay Safe!


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