Update to Families and Friends


Update to Families and Friends

Dear Families and Friends,

As the Delta Variant of Covid-19 continues to circulate in the larger community, we would like to remind everyone to be vigilant. Although Nikkei Home has exceptionally high immunization rates, we must remember that the immune systems of older adults are not as robust as those of younger community members. Studies are showing that even fully vaccinated individuals can spread virus to others. Vulnerable seniors and others with compromised immune systems are at higher risk of illness even when fully vaccinated. We are asking all family and friends to ensure that if you are exposed in any way or are feeling unwell (headache, runny nose, fatigue, or any of the other known symptoms), please do not visit. When you do visit your family member or friend at or away from Nikkei Home, please follow best practice and 

  1. Wear a mask to protect them, 
  2. Visit outside whenever possible,
  3. Only visit with your family or friend rather than others who live at Nikkei Home

By following this guidance, you are protecting all members of our community at Nikkei Home. 

Additionally, if you are not yet vaccinated, please consider getting vaccinated and speak with your GP or Doctor, if you have any questions or concerns.

With the changes in regulations throughout BC we are seeing more cases and more outbreaks in Long Term Care and Assisted Living. It is only by working together and doing everything we can to protect ourselves and others that we will find a way through this current pandemic. 

Lastly, with the extreme heat warning in effect Aug 12-14, where temperatures set to hit 35-36C. Please check in with your loved ones and support their regular hydration. If you have portable AC units and fans in suites, please have those running. Furthermore, we will limit physical activities for residents during this period and put our Extreme Heat preparedness plan into effect.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Jay Haraga, Executive Director

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