Update to Families


Update to Families

Dear Families of Nimi Nikkei Home:

Thank you for looking after yourselves so well and for your ongoing support of all of us at Nimi Nikkei Home. Not a lot to update over the past couple of weeks, so this update is short and sweet!

As you probably heard, Dr. Bonnie Henry and Minister Adrian Dix announced a new order effective at 10:00PM November 7, 2020. These changes have been extended until February 5, 2021. We have reviewed what general information is available. To maintain resident and staff safety, the following changes are put in place effective immediately.

RESIDENT MOVEMENTS – Clarification to Essential Visits Visitors in Long-Term Care and Seniors Assisted Living (bccdc.ca). Please speak with Tara to answer any of your questions.

Update to Outdoor Walks. We are recommending the designated visitor. Further to the process is the scheduling in advance with Matsuo [email protected] (tel: 604-777-5000 ext 2007). Also, we require you to fill in the prescreening form. See the link below, and we need this form to be filled 24 hours in advance.

Click here for Prescreening Form

Vaccination update (second dose)

  • First dose vaccination rates: Nikkei Staff (Hi Genki included) – 90%, Residents – 98%, Essential Visitors – 90%
  • The second doses are on hold, as the Federal Government has delayed the Pfizer vaccine procurement.
  • Residents of Nimi Nikkei Home will be receiving a summary of this.

The following is the initially planned update with NEW information.

NEW UPDATE Fraser Health Authority (FHA) Monthly Preventative Assessment

We just recently received our FHA, and our score was “low risk”. All aspects of the assessment were fully met. Key updates to the assessment are completing a Declutter audit on our building, office, and storage areas.

Thank you for your attention. We will keep you apprised as we hear more details from the Fraser Health Authority.

Nancy Mcintyre, Manager of Resident Services and Jay Haraga, Executive Director

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