Your Brain and Music

Music Therapy Classes from April 2018  (Instructor Kaori Hiyama, Music Therapist)

Music affects our brain like no other experience.  This is a Music Therapy series for seniors who would enjoy a friendly program, welcoming those with dementia.  Caregivers are welcome to join in.

  • Music can bypass injury – stroke victims can regain speech
  • Music is for the whole brain – anyone having difficulty expressing themselves can be helped with music
  • Music improves our mood – by release dopamine in our brain
  • Music involves processes in our brains – and can bring back memories
  • Music can change the brain

Almost anyone can be helped by Music Therapy.

$30 for 4 classes (Reg $40, 1st class complimentary), 2;30 to 3:30

April 4, 11, 18, 25 in Japanese at New Sakura-so’s Iwasaki Room

Register at 604-777-5000 (Ext 2000) or

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