What’s Good for Your Brain?….Exercise!

Exercise changes the brain for the better.  BE-Fit is a new Brain Exercise and Fitness Class.

After each exercise session feel the energy and brain boost.  People start feeling better.

The latest brain research and body of literature shows that exercise does lead to better energy, better mood, and better memory.  Exercise starts to change  the brain.  Its never too late to start.


Exercise changes the brain

At Kenko Wellness Lounge we have two new exciting classes for the community.  Register at 604-777-5000

BE-Fit   Brain Exercise and Fitness – is designed to enhance and maintain body and brain health.  Our goal for you:  your healthy life, increasing energy levels and improvements in mind and body!  $10/class or passes available

Other Classes:

Outfight Parkinson’s helps people with Parkinson’s Disease and we stand next to you in finding against PD.  ‘Outfight’ emphasizes the enhancements possible to quality of life, ability to perform and enjoyment in the activities of daily living.  This class uses boxing, stretching, strengthening and coordination in a fun and uplifting class. Try out this new class.  $10/class or passes available

Chairfit for Iki Iki is part of the Iki Iki Dementia Friendly Program.  Exercising helps the brain and so we hope you’ll join the program.

For times and dates see our Kenko August 2018 Calendar


On a recent TED Talks by Dr. Wendy Suzuki, summarized it as follows:

-Exercise has immediate effects on your brain.  A single workout that you do will increase levels of neurotransmitters like dopamne, serotonin and noradrenaline.  That is going to increase your mood.

-A single workout can can improve your ability to shift and focus attention.

-And a single workout will improve your reaction times.


Interesting in joining? Contact us at – tel: 604-777-5000 email:srhousing@nikkeiplace.org

Classes held at Kenko Wellness Lounge, 6680 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby, BC

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