SHOJI wins best film award

The movie SHOJI wins The Best Film Award in We Heart Canada-Japan at VAFF 2018 (Vancouver Asian Film Festival)

Mr. Shoji Nishihata and his family. November 4, 2018 Cineplex Odeon Vancouver

The movie was filed entirely at Nimi Nikkei Home and Nikkei Centre in October 2018.

Director, Jon Chiang (back facing).  Peter, the camera man.

This award-winning will be showed by the Consulate Genera of Japan across Canada in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and the Embassy in Ottawa during of 2019

Watch Shoji:



-Starring: Shoji Nishihata

-Director: Jon Chiang

-Producer: Cathy Makihara (2nd from left)

We would like to continue making films, so that we all not only learn from each other, but also to play a meaningful role in the world community.

Please let us know who has a story to tell!



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