Report on Programs and Activities: Update for the Year 2014 -2015

The following is taken from Cathy Makihara’s (CEO of Seniors Health Care) annual report which she presented at our AGM in July outlining the program and activities initiatives by the Seniors Health Care society at New Sakura-so, Nikkei Home and the Community in the past year.

At the New Sakura-so, a new program The Sukuyoka Healthy Program which provides an opportunity for the seniors to consult with Dr. Asai Tanaka to be involved with various seniors programs in the community for the seniors to maintain there independence.

Nikkei Home

Cathy mentioned that its operation and services have been very positive and rewarding. There are 115 scheduled activities per month . These activities include exercise programs 8 times a week, and activities including games to stimulate the mind, craft, music and arts (creative drawings sessions) Gina (Manager of Resident Services) and her staff and volunteers have kept Nikkei home vibrant and safe and wonderful place for the residents to live and   the staff to work.

Through the leadership of Gina, Tara nurse coordinator, and Yuko, Community outreach Coordinator, there have been excellent workshops for the seniors and their families to support them through a knowledge programs to understand the process of aging, as well as providing the direct services to the residents in helping with their functional daily care needs.

One of the key success of Nikkei I Home has its stable and excellent staff. There are still numbers of staff who have been working at Nikkei Home since the facility opened in 2002. The staff and the residents have been supported by generous donations from the Nikkei community The donations have provided for additional residents outings, additional furnishings, and this year a call bell system for the residents to call for help in the common areas of Nikkei Home. This system was not possible before, but with the generous donations in our fund raising campaign, the new system allow for couples to each carry a pendant to request assistance.

Continuing ‘Outreach’ Work

Our Kui do Raku and the Iki Iki Programs have been in operation for two years now. Kui Do Raku Program is a social program for independent seniors which includes; a weekly basic exercise measuring blood pressure, weight followed by a lunch and issues pertinent to seniors important to seniors. These discussions are informal and presented persons who usually work in   the subject area.

The Iki Iki Program has grown to three locations the initiating program at Nikkei Center and with partnerships from Tonari Gumi, and the Steveston Japanese Cultural Center. In addition, this year the Nikkei Seniors will expand to twice a week in Burnaby.

The work on the model of alternative Dementia Care

(ACM-D)is still continues today. The location of the Project is now envisioned to be at the New sakura-so instead of being at Nikkei home for building code reasons. The Committee under the leadership of Kenneth Takeuchi and Frank Kamiya architectural design and knowledge have played a key role in getting this project to this point. At this time, the Health Authority has not set a project proponents to submit an application for this Project.

Another project which was completed in 2014 was the Nikkei Garden Pathway making the garden and the side path fully accessible to seniors. Thank you to Nick Sueyoshi and Sam Yamamoto for being our leaders in spearheading this wonderful addition to Nikkei Place.

The Nikkei Health Care and Housing Society along with its partner organizations will Endeavour in the coming year develop and improve programs and services to help our seniors enjoy good health and to help maintain their independence.

Prepared by Cathy Makihara & Tom Teranishi

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