Renovation Update at the Robert Nimi Nikkei Home

The demographics of the residents in recent years have indicated that the seniors admitted to the Robert Nimi Nikkei Home tend to be older and stay longer in the facility. The Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society have been examining the feasibility of renovating some of the existing suites to accommodate residents who need increased care.

The following is a general update by Cathy Makihara, CEO of the Robert Nimi Nikkei Home at what stage these renovation project is at this time.

The Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society was incredibly honoured in 2016 to announce it had received a one million dollar gift from Jane Nimi – a long time supporter and volunteer in the Japanese Canadian community.

The renovation construction at Robert Nimi Nikkei Home is expected to start in April. Presently, the Building Committee and its architectural project team of Frank Kamiya and Ken Takeuchi have submitted plans to the Burnaby Building Project Department and the preliminary approval was received.

Through the spring and summer there will be plans developed for the new activity room that is a part of this project. It will focus on holistic health, mind, body, and spirit to help seniors to stay healthy and stay engaged. This is a part of the Nikkei Place initiative of ‘It Feels Like Home’ by working in different ways to ensure the seniors can stay at home as long as possible.

The Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society operates their assisted living facility and programs with help from the government and incredible support from donors, volunteers and staff.

The Robert Nimi Nikkei Home has been included as part of the Assisted Living Strategic Review Committee which will benefit from Bill 16 of the Community Care and Assisted Living Amendment Act of 2016. This amendment means that there will be positive changes coming up for assisted living residents and operators. The Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society has been invited to participate along with the Fraser Health authority to provide input understand and work together to ensure that seniors can remain in their homes longer.

For more information about the constructions at the Robert Nimi Nikkei Home, contact Cathy Makihara, Executive Director, phone 604 777 5000 Ext 2003 or by email at

(This post has been adopted from the article published in the April issue of The Bulletin)

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