Nimi Nikkei Home completing construction soon!

Checking on progress with Ruth Coles (president) and Jane Nimi.

In 2017, Nimi Nikkei Home moved forward on its capital plan to renovate 5 of its 59 units for ‘enhanced’ living  for seniors who require more a little more extra help with mobilizing and having the living and sleeping in the same area.  These adaptive changes could mean living longer at assisted living.   A larger activity centre  (Kenko Active Lounge) was also being created through this plan. The opening for both these areas will be early 2018 (March/April).

Over summer, the suites were stripped of  cupboards and appliances put away, all the materials for the construction purchased and outside there was a new entrance for the activity centre.

In Fall, new support beams were added and with that the walls can come down and re-positioned for the new enhanced units and opened up for the activity centre.

In January, the dry wall went up.  Wiring for the audio visual.  Below is a sample from our inspiration board and are looking forward to seeing the whole project come to life.

Today, the showers are in the suites, the flooring is going in and the furnishings ordered.  We can’t wait to invite you to our new home.  We have so many people to thank!

Inspiration Board for the activity centre

Colour inspiration

What you will see in the new activity centre – Kenko Wellness Lounge:

Kenko Education -is an education series for families experiencing the challenges of an aging parent or senior and for seniors too. Covering topics such as cooking therapy, how to find housing, or “What do you want for your care?”.  Kenko Health and Body – will be a new exercise program for the body and mind.  Our calendar will be up in March 2018.  For now we can tell you – Outfight Parkinsons, BE Fit Body and Mind (a preventative, and dementia delaying exercise program that helps you get strong too).

Do you have questions about either one of our residence options?

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