News Winter 2015

Nikkei Garden’s pathway has been vastly improved through a grant from New Horizons. Over summer, our volunteers and contractors created a walkable path between Nikkei Centre and Nikkei Home, and re-surfaced and expanded the path around the Nikkei Garden.  Today, it is barrier free, for all to enjoy. Our most sincere appreciation to Sam Yamamoto and Nick Sueyoshi who coordinated, designed and led the effort.   Over winter, with the assistance of Nikkei National Museum the Garden will have signage that to highlight some of the plants and the importance of gardens in Japanese culture.

In September, we started Iki Iki programs operated by members of the Nikkei Seniors Alliance (Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society, Steveston Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and Tonarigumi).  Iki Iki welcomed new participants and volunteers for the program and we are looking forward to seeing all who participate enjoying those programs and being a part of the community. To learn more about the Iki Iki Program visit:

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