Meet Kenko Wellness Lounge

Opening in April 2018, Kenko Wellness Lounge (or as we call it Kenko) a new multipurpose room made possible with a generous gift made to Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society in memory of the late Robert Nimi.  Kenko will be fully equipped for activities, exercise and presentations.

For Nimi Nikkei Home residents

Enjoy Carefit exercise programs 6 days a week with Hiromi and Yuko.  It improves balance and mobility.  For the participants, the seniors now have a room that can accommodate the exercise, and for our hard working volunteers and staff, it means no more moving dining room chairs and tables, there’s plenty of room for seniors to enjoy.

More activities to be programmed.

For the Community

Kenko is a new space with dual purposes such as exercise and workshop; watching a video; or strictly exercise.  First time ever –  Outfight Parkinsons – a boxing program for seniors living with Parkinsons; BE FIT Mind and Body – a exercise program stimulating the brain and body.  Think finger exercise while doing balancing.  Two things at once helps  or doing one thing on your right and something else on your left.  Outfight and BE FIT are fun, full of good emotions and feel good.

Kenko Talks (free information talks  – to keep seniors and caregivers informed and up to date); education series for an in-depth experience.  Topics such as Housing and Health Care Options, Finding Health Care Supports, and classes like cooking therapy.  The first class is about Music Therapy which will be held at New Sakura-so.  Our first talk is Music Therapy please see the link for times and dates:

Kenko Calendar – is in development and we hope to have it posted for you soon.

Thank you Mrs. Jane Nimi and family for caring about the seniors and making Kenko come to life!

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