Renovation and New Program Update

Nimi Nikkei Home is fully into its construction.  Nimi Nikkei Home is adapting 5 of its 59 units for ‘enhanced’ living  for seniors who require more a little more extra help with mobilizing and having the living and sleeping in the same area.  These adaptive changes could mean living longer at assisted living.   A larger activity centre is also being created.  The opening for both these areas will be early 2018 (Feb/March).

Over summer, the suites have been all stripped and the cupboards and appliances put away, all the materials for the construction have been purchased and outside there is a new entrance for the activity centre.

In September, new support beams will be added and with that the walls can come down and re-positioned for the new enhanced units and opened up for the activity centre.

In December, the dry wall was going up.  We have our inspiration board and are looking forward to seeing the whole project come to life.

Inspiration Board for the activity centre

Colour inspiration

What you will see in the new activity centre:

Kenko Activity Lounge – will feature  Kenko Education,  a series for seniors, caregiver and family who are seeking to learn and to do.  Covering topics such as housing and health care options; planning for assistance,  doing things together, and implementing plans; and Kenko Health Body – is new and innovative.  Outfight Parkinsons, BEFIT Mind and Body are two type of physical fitness classes for seniors.  Tailor made for the independent seniors and classes for seniors who will bring their caregiver.  We are working on a calendar and look forward to its launch in Feb/March.