Iki Iki Program Research Report 2014-15

The Iki Iki Program (pronounced “eekee eekee” meaning “lively” in Japanese) is an initiative that was started in the Japanese-Canadian community by the Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society (NSHCHS) to find new ways to keep older adults engaged and to prevent social isolation. It is a weekly social program for older adults living at home who manage daily life on their own, or with help from caregivers. It targets people with dementia as well as those who prefer slower-paced activities.

In the Iki Iki Program, participants socialize with each other and with volunteers. They exercise, enjoy a Japanese lunch, and participate in activities that take their cultural background into consideration.

The program began in 2013, and as of September 2015 it is operating at Japanese-Canadian community centres in Burnaby, Vancouver and Richmond.

This report summarizes feedback collected in Burnaby through program participant interviews and family caregiver surveys conducted in July 2014 and six months later in January 2015. This summary of the findings provides a glimpse into their lives. Detailed summary of their needs and preferences in the program are covered in a separate report (available upon request).

NSHCHS would like to thank the program participants and their caregivers who took part in this study. We would also like to thank the researchers at the Centre on Aging at the University of Victoria for their help in developing the study, as well as the Vancouver Foundation for financial support. The findings will help improve the Iki Iki Program, not only in Burnaby, but also at other partnering organizations and beyond.

Download a copy of the Iki Iki Program Research Report 2014-15 (PDF file 238 KB)

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