Field of Dreams

“You’re Out!”, “Ball”. “Safe” and “Home Run!”

On a sunny slightly cool summer evening – 30 diehard softball fans went out with volunteers (staff, family, and regular volunteers) to watch Phillipines vs Japan Women’s Canada Cup Tournament.

It was quite a night – a nail biter and our residents cheered for their team.  Getting out is so important, nothing like fresh air from the ocean to breathe in, sitting in the stands with friends and loudly cheering on your favourite players.  It’s not just an ordinary day, it is an extraordinary day.  All of residents , 80 years+ have not forgotten the taste of competition and the fun of being out on the field.

The players were wonderful.  The Japanese team came out to visit; and we have so many cherished memories and photos from the night.  The tournament organizers were gracious in their hospitality not a detail was missed – they had a tent for the seniors, vip parking for all of the volunteers who chauffeured and led this group of 30 people.  Many thanks to our staff organizers, summer students, volunteers and families for creating a memorable outing.

Well, Team Japan eventually won the championship in later July 2018.  But really, we really feel that the residents and volunteers were  treated as champions and were able to watch an exciting game.  Our kudos go to both teams Phillipines and Japan, who played courageously and with great sportsmanship.

This is our Field of Dreams come true !!

July 19, 2018  Nat Bailey Stadium

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