Community Programs

Community Programs are initiatives to extend Nikkei Seniors programs to the community.  The focus is on caring, sharing and preparing seniors and the people who care for them.  We welcome your feedback as we are on an ongoing effort to meet the needs of the seniors.”


Nikkei Seniors Alliance

Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society is part of an ad hoc alliance of Japanese Canadian community organizations interested in meeting the needs of seniors in the community.  As our community changes, so do the needs, and we are committed to meeting those needs and gaps by meeting as a group, sharing information, and helping one another.



We are committed to developing and improving programs based on research, evaluation and feedback to our programs.

Iki Iki Program Research 2014-2015

KuiDoRaku (Eat,Chat, Relax)

KuiDoRaku is a program designed to help keep seniors stay healthy and independent.  This weekly program will include a health check; exercise, lunch and lecture. Each week, a guest will lead a round table discussion on topics of interests or concern or needs of seniors.  The program directly benefits 10-15 seniors. Contact: Yoko Watase

See Fall 2017 Schedule

Iki Iki Lively Lively!

Iki Iki Lively Lively! is a social connection program with activities focusing on wellness, communication, companionship and engagement in a social environment. Core activities include : oseteofit, art table, lunch, sing-a-long and chatting time. The program directly benefits 12 seniors today, with a goal of benefiting 30-50 seniors as the program expands. Contact: Yoko Watase

See Fall 2017 Schedule

Iki Iki Lively Lively! program toolkit is available for community groups, organizations and individuals to help launch their version of  this slower-paced/dementia-friendly program.


Healthy Clinic

Healthy Clinic educates and supports seniors with health information about chronic conditions they live with. It includes a group discussion and workshop encouraging peer-to-peer dialogue. Dr. Asae Tanaka will offer physician support and lead the ‘medical’ side of the information and forum at Healthy Clinic. For more information, contact Yoko Watase at


Nikkei Helping Hands

For companionship, house cleaning, cooking, meeting a senior at the mall or going out shopping, we have trained staff who can help.  Minimum time: 2 hours.  We do not provide transportation. For more information please contact Gina Hall, Manager of Resident Services at