What is Assisted Living?


Our philosophy

The philosophy of assisted living is to promote resident self-direction and participation in decision that emphasizes choice, dignity, individuality and independence. Assisted living offers meals, basic housekeeping, social opportunities and personal care for its residents. In keeping with this philosophy, Nimi Nikkei Home strives to provide an environment where residents are able to do a much as possible for themselves and take greater control over their daily activities.

The services range from help with simple chores to a comprehensive programs that enables each resident to have access to personal care assistance in his/her apartment. Other services include medication reminders and help with daily activities such as dressing, grooming, bathing and ambulation.

Is this an intermediate care facility?

Nimi Nikkei Home is not an intermediate care facility or an acute care facility and does not provide the medical, emergency or 24 hour Registered Nursing care found in hospitals.

Important Information About Nimi Nikkei Home


Where is Nikkei Home?

Nimi Nikkei Home is located at 6680 Southoaks Crescent in Burnaby, British Columbia. It is next door to the Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre and across the street from New Sakura-so Seniors Apartment.

What are the requirements to be eligible to live at Nimi Nikkei Home?

At least one resident in each apartment must be 55 years of age or older. You must qualify for continuing care services and require personal support. You must provide information on your income and the necessary health information. You must accept the risks that come with independent living.

(Meeting these requirements does not guarantee residency at Nimi Nikkei Home.)

What does needing ‘personal support’ mean?

Anyone needing help with bathing, assistance with grooming and personal hygiene, assistance with dressing, assistance with toileting, assistance with medication, assistance with eating or needing help getting in/out of bed or a chair , or needing reminders or support to get through the day.

Who is not suitable to live at Nimi Nikkei Home?

Anyone requiring 24 hours of professional care (nursing), or people who are very confused and/or also aggressive, or people who cannot make their own decisions about day to day activities are not suitable to live at Nikkei Home.

Will I be eligible to live at Nimi Nikkei Home if I am not receiving any personal care?

Residents of Nikkei Home must require personal care. If you are not receiving any personal care but feel that you may qualify to receive personal care, we recommend that you contact your local Continuing Care office, and request a personal care assessment.

If a family member is giving me assistance, does this count?

Yes, if a family member is giving you personal care assistance then this does counts.

I am not receiving or requiring personal care but I worry about living alone, what do you recommend I do?

We recommend several things: Lifeline personal response system to enable you to call for help immediately; exploring other housing options such as Abbeyfield, congregate housing which often have staff available 24 hours or a seniors residence like New Sakura-so; or seek advice from your local Continuing Care office.

As a family, we are not all sure that Nikkei Home is the right place, will Nikkei Home provide any guidance or support to enable our family to make a decision?

Nimi Nikkei Home can provide you and your family with information about Nikkei Home and may help you make your decision. If your family after receiving information about Nikkei Home is still unable to decide, we can make recommendations depending on what the issues are.

Staff at Nikkei Home


Who are the staff who will be looking after the residents?

There is a Resident Services Manager who will oversee the care given by Team Leaders and Resident Assistants. These Team Leaders and Resident Assistants are people who are qualified to care for seniors. The Continuing Care Case Manager from Fraser Health Authority will be working with the resident and the Nikkei Home staff team in assessing your personal support needs and insuring that your personal support needs are being met.

In addition, there is support staff who work in the Administration Office, Recreation Office, Housekeeping and Maintenance Office and Food Services.

Are personnel on duty at night?

We have personnel on duty 24 hours a days, seven days a week.

Do you provide medical services?

No, residents are required to continue relying on their personal doctors.

If I become ill, what happens?

Our staff is on-call 24 hours a day; each apartment is provided with a personal response system. If you require additional care we will help to arrange this with you.

Costs to the Residents


How much is the rent and what does it include?

The actual rent you will pay is based on 65% of your gross monthly (30% Housing + 35% Hospitality)(if applicable yours and your spouses) income.

For example, if your income is $2,000 and you have no other assets you will pay monthly $1,300 per month and Nikkei Home will subsidize you for the remainder of the actual rental costs.

Included in your monthly base rent payment is your apartment, utilities, heat, personal response system, breakfast and supper, beverages such as juice or tea throughout the day, social programs organized by Nikkei Home, light weekly housekeeping, and personal care as approved by Fraser Health Authority.

Who pays for the utilities?

Utilities and heat charges are included in the monthly fee. Your only utility expenses are your telephone and cable vision and an electricity surcharge of $15.

Do you require deposits? Are your deposits refundable?

Nikkei Home does require a security deposit. The security deposit is in case there are outstanding fees owing or to cover the cost of repairing damages to the suite which are beyond normal wear and tear when you vacate the residence. After such costs are paid for, the security deposit is returned with interest.

Facts about the Building


How many residents do you have?

Nikkei Home has 59 apartments. Typically there are between 60-68 residents living at Nikkei Home.

As a couple, can we rent two apartments?

No, Nikkei Home rents out only one apartment for each couple.

What kind of security do you have?

At all time, access to the resident’s apartment is by intercom access only for visitors. Each apartment is individually keyed. Within apartments, residents will have a personal response system to call in case of an emergency. The parking garage is also secured by intercom.

How many square feet are in each apartment?

The apartment sizes vary from 350 square feet for the three (3) studio units, and between 600 to 700 square feet for the fifty-six (56) one bedroom units.

Are the apartments quiet?

Nikkei Home has made every effort to design the apartments to be noise proof. You will find that each apartment is well insulated to reduce and eliminate sounds. Nikkei Home will also have guidelines or rules regarding noise between certain hours (ie. through the night).

Are there kitchens in the apartments so that residents can cook if they choose?

Each of the one bedroom apartments is equipped with a kitchen. The studio apartments are equipped with a small fridge, sink and space for a microwave.

Is there a place to park my car?

Yes, but a space will need to be reserved and there will be a monthly charge.

Do you have laundry service? Laundry of linens & towels is included.

Each one bedroom apartment is equipped with a washer and dryer. If personal laundry service is not a part of a resident’s personal care plan, personal laundry services are available for a small additional fee. The studio apartments are not equipped with a washer and dryer, therefore residents who move into these apartments will have laundry service available to them.

Do you have storage areas for the residents?

Yes, each apartment is provided with closet space for storage.

What about housekeeping service? If it is available, how much does it cost?

Included as a standard service within the monthly fee is light housekeeping. Residents may arrange for more housekeeping service for an additional fee.

Do you have cable television?

Nikkei Home has cable television in the common rooms where there is a television. Cablevision to each apartment must be arranged by the resident.

Are the apartments furnished?

No, each apartment is to be furnished by the resident.

Do you allow wheelchairs?

All of our apartments are wheelchair accessible. Three of our apartments are designed specifically for wheelchair use.

Can I have guests stay in my apartment for a few days?

We welcome your guests. There is no problem with their visiting, but we do ask that you give us advance notice so that we know who they are.

Do you have guest rooms?

No, Nikkei Home does not have guest rooms available.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is not permitted in the apartment suites balconies or in the building.

Can we have pets?

Nikkei Home has a no pet policy.

Meals at Nikkei Home


Do you cater to special diets?

We provide modifications to the regular menus such as low salt, low sugar, minced, cut up and pureed. We offer some choices for basic (simple) food intolerance.

What is your dining room like?

The dining room at Nikkei Home is a restaurant style dining room. The restaurant is open to the public at lunch and after the resident’s dinner time.

Is there assigned seating in the dining room?

The dining room is based on assigned seating. The dining room manager may also suggest the best seating to facilitate efficient service.

How are the meals served in the dining room?

You will be ordering your meals and receiving your meals as you would in a restaurant.

If I’m ill, will meals be brought to my apartment?

Yes, we would be happy to accommodate your request temporarily.

Are my guests permitted to eat with me in the dining rooms? If so, what is the cost?

Yes, your guests are welcome to join you in the dining room. The fee for guest meals will be on the menu.

Activities at Nikkei Home


Do you have a workshop? Can I bring in my own tools?

Nikkei Home has an arts and crafts room where residents will be able to make minor repairs and work on their hobbies. These projects can be worked on with either your tools or ours.

Is there public transportation nearby?

Yes, there are buses going in both direction every 15 minutes or so. The bus stop is within a ½ block of Nikkei Home.

Do you provide transportation?

No, Nikkei Home does not provide transportation.

Are there recreation and exercise rooms?

Nikkei Home has a variety of multi-purpose rooms that will offer recreation and exercise programs, as well cooking, crafts, and library program for the use and enjoyment of all our residents.

What kind of activities do you have?

Activities are held within our building, at the Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre and elsewhere. Nikkei Home has a Volunteer & Activity Coordinator to develop a full program of recreational activities, trips, special events and seminars, providing for a wide range of interests.

Do you go on tours and trips?

Yes, Nikkei Home arranges day trips, special events and tours.

Do you have a beauty salon or barber shop?

Yes, we can accommodate the needs of both male and female residents in our salon.

Are young children allowed to visit?

This is your home. Family and friends are always welcome.

About the Society


Who is this home accountable to?

Nikkei Home reports to the Board of Directors of Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society. It also reports to Fraser Health Authority for its personal care services, and to British Columbia Housing Management Commission for maintaining the apartment building.

Who owns Nikkei Home?

Nikkei Home is owned and operated by Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society, a non-profit charitable organization.

If you want to be admitted to Nikkei Home, you should 

  • Contact your local Health Authority*: Fraser Health Authority if you live in Burnaby, tri-city area, Delta, Surrey, & Fraser Valley region; Vancouver Coastal Health Authority if you live in Vancouver, Richmond, North Van, West Van, Squamish, Horseshoe Bay…
  • If you are receiving home health services, contact your case manager (CM) and let her know that you would like to be assessed for Assisted Living Program. Let your CM that you prefer to live in Nikkei Home.

If you are not receiving home health services, you will ask to be assessed for Assisted Living Program.

*List of Regional Health Authorities:

Fraser Health Authority 

1-855-412-2121 (7 days a week, 8:30-4:30)

Web: www.fraserhealth.ca


Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

604-263-7377 (in Vancouver), 1-866-884-0888 (outside of the Lower Mainland) 

North Shore: (604)986-7111 / Richmond: (604) 278-3361

Web: www.vch.ca


Vancouver Island Health Authority


Web: www.viha.ca


Interior Health Authority


Web: www.interiorhealth.ca


Northern Health Authority


Web: www.northernhealth.ca

Nimi Nikkei Home is a Supportive Housing and Assisted Living residence that merges the concepts of independent living and supportive services. It is a special combination of housing, personalized supportive services and personal care in a Nikkei cultural environment. Nikkei Home promotes maximum independence and dignity for each resident and encourages the involvement of family, friends and community.